The Chicano Latino Education Association de Chabot College (LA RAZA STAFF AND FACULTY)

Patricia Posada -

Articulation Technician at Chabot assisting Articulation Officer and Counselors. I provide them with adequate resources pertaining to course comparability between Chabot and four-year institutions. Currently, I am taking courses at Chabot, attending part-time at Traditional Chinese Oriental Medicine, pursuing my goal to be an acupuncturist. Since I have moved from Texas, I have learned that the United States truly has the diversity of rich cultures of the world, thereby allowing us the opportunity to learn more about the world. We are all equal and everyone has the same opportunity, no matter where you are! In Texas, our saying is Dale Shine! 723-6779.

Norberto Ruiz -

I am a Electronics Technology instructor. I received an A.A. degree in Electronics Technology from Chabot College and a B.S. Degree in Computer Science from Cal State Hayward. I worked as an electronics technician, a computer specialist, and have been involved in the research and development of electronics and computer products. My goals are to provide the best quality of electronics technology training possible and to encourage students of all backgrounds to continue and succeed in their academic endeavors. I am California born of Puerto Rican parents; I am proud of my heritage. I like Salsa and Classical music and the fine arts. I believe that it is important to know your history. I believe that now, 1992 is the time for all Latinos y Latinas to make their voices heard. Come by sometime and we'll talk. You can find me in Building 1500, Room 1546. Phone 723-6853.

José Alegre - Math/Science Division

I am a mathematics and physics professor here. I was initially hired in 1990. I earned my B.A. and M.A. degrees in Applied Mathematics from CSU Fullerton. I was born in Morelia, Michoacán, México. I first came to California in 1975. I love sports, particularly cycling, soccer and racquetball. Also, I have been teaching here for 10 years. (510) 723-6889

Ron Arroyo -

I am Ron Arroyo with a B.S. in English and M.A. in counseling and a Ph.D. in American Studies. (I couldn't make up my mind). I am a Counselor and Counselor Coordinator of the Single-Parent Programs. My phone number is 723-6913. I teach a class in Self-Esteem and Orientation to College.

Norma Ambríz -

Hired at Chabot College in July 1991. Graduate of Hartnell Community College with an A.A. degree in Administration of Justice, and a B.S. in Criminal Justice and minors in Mexican American Studies and Public Administration. Norma's master degree is in Counseling Education and her professional and personal experiences have been diverse and she has always worked with students who desire to pursue a college education. Phone number is 723-6888.
RETIRED from Chabot- FALL 2007

Rachel Maldonado-Aziminia

I am counselor-instructor with an A.A. (Liberal Arts) from Fresno City College, a B.A. (Social Work) from San Jose University. I have worked as a welfare eligibility worker, a community organizer, an agricultural union organizer, and a business/clerical instructor for CETA programs. In addition to providing academic counseling and career planning to potential EOPS students, I coordinate delivery of services though Student Information Liaison Assistance Center (El Centro). This includes assistance with admissions, registrations, and college financial aid applications. Phone number is 723-6724,

Victoria Beltrán - Special Programs

Hired in 1994 as an administrative assistant in Special Programs & Services. Achieving AA requirements here at Chabot with transfer goals to Cal State Hayward majoring in Human Development. Affiliations with Chicano/Latino Education Association (CLEA), Coalition of Asian/Pacific Islander Educators (CAPE), Filipino-American Cultural Committee of Chabot College (FA4Císs), Latina Leadership Network (LLN), and a former student of Puente. (510) 723-6916,

Guadalupe Ortíz -

As the Assistant Dean of Students, I am administratively responsible for student services for evening and Saturday students. I am also responsible for Campus Security and the Puente Project. I received my B.S. in History from Texas A&I University and my M.A. in Education from Stanford University. I encourage students to speak to me or other members of the staff regarding any questions, interests or concern that they may have at Chabot. Stop by when you have a chance. My office is located in Building 700, phone 723-6686.

Ramón Parada -

I am a product of the California educational system. I attended public schools, community college, Cal State and the University of California. Although not that "viejo", when I started elementary school they corporal punishment (you know, give you a whack or two) for speaking Español in class. Plus Spanish speakers were not allowed to take Spanish in high school. The moral of this story is that things have changed but there are still many barriers we must overcome as Raza. Lets not be fooled into thinking that everything is nice and rosy or as they say in my epoca: Everything is "Peachy King." So despite the odds, "Sí Se Puede." "¡Y Dale Gas!." I am a counselor, assigned to the Puente Project. I can be found in Room 116. My phone number is 723-7120. My office hours are posted outside my door.

Mary Lou Cisneros.

I have been with Chabot College for 29 years (22 years in Payroll and 7 in Veterans). I currently work in the Veterans Department. Chabot College is approved to offer instruction to service persons, reservists, and other eligible persons under Title 38, United States Code and Department of Veterans Affairs regulations. Eligibility for benefits under any of these programs is determined by the appropriate federal or state agency, not by the college. Information and application for benefits may be obtained by visiting me at the Chabot College Veteran's Office, Building 100, phone 723-6910

Jeannette "Jeanine" Paz.

I am a health educator with a BS (Biological Sciences) from the University of San Francisco and a MA (Clinical Holistic Health Education) from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California. I have worked in high schools and community colleges in the Bay Area teaching Health, Biology, Physical Science, and Physiology. I have also taught Stress Management and Stop Smoking classes at Kaiser Hospital in SF and Oakland as well as at the American Lung Association in SF. Currently I teach Introduction to Health and a Women & Health classes. My goal at Chabot College is to journey with students as they become aware of their health status and to support the choices they make toward wellness. Being respectful of the diversity among my students, I support their efforts toward healthy living. My office is Health & Natural Sciences #2038 , and my phone # is 510-723-7086. email:

J. Francisco Zermeño C.

I am a Gaucho from UC Santa Bárbara where I studied Spanish and Portuguese, and have been teaching at Chabot Spanish since 1978. My office is 1126, and my phone number is 723-6846. I am also a Puente Mentor for those of you interested in teaching, or Translation/Interpretation. If you come see me, we can chat about Spanish, movies, music, culture, school, tell jokes, exchange gossip, and in general, bulchetear a la mexicana. I like baleros, cultura, Tequila, Dr. Chile, my family and anything cultural. Nos Vemos. Gracias mil. Write me at

Some of the other Members Around Campus:

Jaime Flores - Social Science Division (510) 723-6682

Rubén Hernández - Financial Aid Officer (510) 723-7101,

Irene García - Career/Transfer Center (510) 723-6720

Sylvia Ramírez - EOPS Center (510) 723-7123

Melva García - Counseling Division (510) 723-6728,

Tency Franco - Social Sciences (510) 723-6670

Mark Kamakea - Health Sciences (510) 723-6897

Rick Luna - Institutional Research (510) 723-6636

Ernesto Victoria - Counseling/EOPS (510) 723-6737

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