Chicano Latino Education Association


Since its founding in January of 1988, the purpose of CLEA is to advocate and support opportunities for Chicano Latino students, faculty and staff at Chabot College, and to serve as a vehicle for alumni and friends of the community to continue a lifelong participation in its educational and cultural programs.


CLEA membership is open to all faculty, staff and administrators of Chabot College and Las Positas College.


La Mesa Directiva is composed of one representative from the classified, faculty and administrative staff, whenever possible. In addition, a treasurer serves as an ex-officio officer. It meets every second Thursday of the month.


The goals of CLEA include insuring that the District:
· Increases access, retention and graduation rates of Chicano Latino students.
· Recruits, retains, promotes and tenures greater numbers of Chicano Latino faculty and staff.
· Provides increased opportunities for Chicano Latino faculty and staff to advance to administrative and policy making positions,
· Reflects the Chicano Latino experience throughout the curriculum.
· Improve its ties with and service to the Chicano Latino community.

Scholarship Fund

Entering or continuing students are awarded CLEA scholarships which are funded through fundraising efforts of the Association and by supporting individuals dedicated to the educational achievements of Chabot College students.

Applying for a CLEA Scholarship · Students must be enrolled in at least six units at Chabot College, must not be a previous recipient of the scholarship, must complete the scholarship application, including the three essay questions, must provide a copy of high school and/or college transcripts, and must provide one letter of recommendation. Applications are available early in the Spring Semester. Scholarship Application.


CLEA collaborates and works closely with various groups in order to achieve one of its goals, that of providing a varied experience for the students it serves.

La Alianza de Hayward
A Hayward community organization which recognizes and celebrates the Mexican and Mexican American contributions in the Hayward area.

Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno
A company of dancers with whom CLEA has been working since 1989 with the annual Christmas in México show, which allows CLEA to present culture to the Chabot College community, and to raise funds.

MEChA de Chabot College
Our student group which is involved in student life and success at Chabot by providing extracurricular activities for the students.

Puente Project
The award winning program for student academic success which provides mentor-ship, challenges and excellent writing skills geared towards the University of California experience.

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