Inglés hispano


También el inglés ha tenido influencia del español, especialmente en la vida cotidiana de los vaqueros del sudoeste de EEUU. ¿Cuántas palabras hispanas hay en esta historia de un vaquero?



Just see that hombre on his bronco headin' past the presidio on his way to California. The last time I seen him was in Colorado on a burro as they was takin' him to the calaboose. The guy was loco and had been showin' off for some senoritas, playing his guitar and dancin' a fandango, tryin' to cover up that he was just a peon and a bracero by braggin' about finding a bonanza that he called his El Dorado.

Now that that coyote was out of the hoozgow and looked like he was about to vamoose on over to the rancho, I thought we could palaver for a while. So when he headed out to the chaparral I followed him on my pinto. The buckaroo crossed the mesa and when he passed the canyon, I decided to hide behind a mesquite in the arroyo that came down from the sierra.

First he strung up his hammock and started takin' a siesta, but then he got out his lariat and tried lassoin' a litte manzanita. Then, with his sombrero on, he tied on his chaps and threw his serape over his shoulders, and leaned up against a little adobe wall. He was tryin' out for the rodeo, pretendin' to be in the corral cinchin' up the saddle on his palomino. He mosied on over to the critter like he had all the savy in the world.

Meanwhile he was thinkin' about how back at the hacienda on the patio they'd be cookin' up a barbeque, creole style, with bananas, avocados, vanilla ice cream, guacamole, and with drinks like sherry, soda, sassafras, and tequila. He got so danged hungry he took out a piece of jerky, bit in, leaped on his mustang and spurred it as if it were in a stampede. The desperado took off like a bandido bein' chased by vigilantes. I guess that wrangler figgered he'd head back to the fiesta at the cantina. He high tailed it out of there, speedin' so fast back to the plaza, that I all but lost sight of that gringo; he jest looked like a speck of a mosquito off on the horizon.


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Aquí hay más...¿las sabes todas?


cabreta - piel de cabra o vaca

chaparejos o chaps

chaqueta, poncho

bolas -boleadora





pinto bean

remuda -grupo de caballerias del que los cowboys elegian las monturas de la jornada

merino - ganado de esa raza


carbonado - carne asada al carbon


olla sarsaparrilla




morro - colina








maduro - cigarro





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