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Hola to all...at the moment, Chabot College is going through construction, so we cannot have DUF. We certainly would not mind having DUF back, however. So, dance on!

This is the site which was put up by me, machetez, back in 1998 for the Danzantes Unidos of '98 and '99 at Chabot College, Hayward...Now, it is updated, since we are all set for the 2005 and 2006 editions. Welcome back. ¡Bienvenidos!

El folclor sin fronteras
¡Lo mejor de la danza mexicana!
- The best in Mexican Folkdance!

Danzantes Unidos Festival 2005
A balé folclórico (ballet folklorico) weekend hosted by
Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno
Chicano-Latino Education Association of Chabot College

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

April 8, 9 & 10, 2005

The Quad - Chabot College

25555 Hesperian Blvd. - Hayward, California


Danzantes Unidos was started in 1979 at UCLA. Traditionally, the festival has been held every year during Palm Sunday Weekend. An estimate of attendance at the first conference was 350 people. Danzantes Unidos Festial (DUF) has been held at locations throughout California: San Jose (SJSU), Los Angeles (UCLA), Fresno (Fresno City College, Fresno State College, Roosevelt High School), San Diego (SDSU), and Salinas (Hartnell College). Chabot College in Hayward in 1998, and 1999. The festival has been held for every year except 1992. Because DUF was canceled that year, concerned Folklorico groups throughout California formed Danzantes Unidos, a California non-profit organization, whose goal, among others, is to ensure that DUF is successfully held every year.

What is Danzantes Unidos? (Philosophy and Goals)

A persistent theme that has been part of DUF since the beginning is the promotion, sharing and encouragement of Folklorico, though the joining of Folklorico groups during the event. Typically, participants will not only cheer for their own dance groups but for the contributions and performances of other groups as well.


This year we will be offering numerous workshops from different states of México, taught by many professional folklore dance instructors from California and México.


Groups wishing to participate in the DUF dance concerts, please register early, priority will be given to those groups whose registration has been received first.

- Each performance is limited to 3 songs; (6 min. for Infantil/Juvenil - 9 min. for Adults)

- No extra 'entrance' or 'exit' music.

- There will be a blackout for all participants.


DUF '05 will be proud to present a Gala Concert featuring a ballet company from México, and from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno. Both Groups have reached international status, thanks to their professionalism and their director's tenacity. The B.F. del Edo de Aguascalientes has performed throughout México, and as ambassador of our dances in the USA. The BFM de Carlos Moreno has captured the applause of the California public as well as out of the state. The admiration of their performances through 15 states in México has placed the BFM de Carlos Moreno as one of the most prestigious ballet folclórico companies. We assure that the performance of these two Ballets during the Gala Concert will delight all who attend "El folclor sin fronteras."


-DUF Expo '05 will have on display a large variety of photography and costumes of México that you will be able to see and that you can as well as take video or pictures that will help enrich your knowledge on costumes

-'Sala de Cine' will be constantly showing dance and historical videos during the day.

Visit DUF Expo '05 and take advantage of these great exhibits!!


The 'típico mercado' that is already a tradition at the DUF conference, will give you the opportunity to set up a space, either in the food section or in the arts and crafts section. The mercado committee is eager to attract vendors who will contribute to our overall theme goals, and make the festival interesting and exciting for all of those who attend. Space rental fee for 2-day conference:

$200.00 Business

$100.00 Non Profit Organization (with proof of non-profit status)

To Reserve A Space: - Spaces will be assigned on a first come basis

.....................................- Full payment must accompany all applications.

.....................................- Confirmation will be mailed upon receipt of payment.


DUF Conference Souvenir Program

The conference souvenir program will be distributed to over 2,000 conference attendees to plan their personal conference schedule. This is your opportunity to advertise and attract attendees to your space.


Book size is 8.5" x 11"

Full Page .........................................$ 0.00 TBA

Half Page .........................................$ 0.00

Quarter Page ...................................$ 0.00

Business Card Size ........................$ 0.00


El Mercado vendors .........................3/01/05

Souvenir Program Ad ......................2/15/05


Early ............................................3/18/05

Regular ..........................................3/19 - 4/1/05

Waiting/On-site ........................4/2 - 4/8/05

* * * * *

Our Fundraising

Danzantes Unidos promotes Mexican culture throughout California by highlighting the varied and colorful dances of México. In order for it to be really successful, by reaching out to the remotest corner of California, and from the youngest to the oldest dancer of all languages, races and creeds, the various Folkórico-on-Wheels and these annual Danzantes Unitos Festivals are organized, with the hope that enough funds are earned so that more events can be realized. Make sure you ask those in charge in order to find out when the next performance take place. Support Danzantes Unidos!

We, of BFM and CLEA, have joined Danzantes Unidos in this effort, and funds raised in this festival will be used also for CLEA's Student Scholarship Program (we award over $3,000 per year to needy students who will study at Chabot College), and for BGM's Cultural Promotion Program (for costumes, scenery, community efforts, and dancing tours in México). Therefore, we would like to encourage you to help us bring this about, this and other weekends by attending Folklórico-on-Wheels and Danzantes Unidos events, and by purchasing your mementos. Purchase your souvenirs tee-shirts, and/or other goodies at the festival, and remember this event always!

* * * * *

Oración del bailarín

  Virgen de Guadalupe,

Tonantzin del Tepeyac,

Reina de danzantes,

Para que este fin de semana,

Nosotros, tus danzantes,

De concheros, a damas,

De jarochos a morenas,

De charros a chinas poblanas,

Bailemos bien, en tu honor,

Sones, zapateados y más,

Para tu deleite,

Danos tu bendición, amén.


Guía del Danzante

Danzaré con una sonrisa.

Amaré la danza con entusiasmo.

Nutriré el baile con originalidad.

Zapatearé el son con gusto.

Alabaré la cultura mexicana con respeto.

Nortearé los pasos con agilidad.

Tomaré agua con delicia.

Entonearé caciones con fervor.

Saltaré con alegría.


Uniré a todos con la cultura.

Notaré a mis maestros con atención.

Invitaré a otros con amistad.

Doblaré los pasos con destreza.

Oiré la música con amor.

Soñaré con un futuro danzante.


  * * * * *

°Lo mejor de la danza mexicana! - The best in Mexican Folddance!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

April 8, 9, 10, 2005

Chabot College º 25555 Hesperian Blvd. º Hayward, California

 Early Registration - $35

Danzantes Unidos Festival '05

"El folclor sin fronteras"

 For DUF Registration

BFM de Carlos Moreno
57 Marlow Drive, Oakland , CA 94605
fax 510.569.8001

 For DUF Informatioin

Terlingua de Zermeño
P.O.Box 92
Mt. Eden, CA 94557





Nuestra cultura hacia el nuevo milenio !



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