Cafe Chronicles
Publisher: Floricanto Press Imprint: Floricanto Press ISBN/SKU: 0915745984 ISBN Complete: 978-0-915745-98-2 Status: Available for Distribution Title: Café Chronicles Publication Date: 7/3/2007 Language: English Book Description (formally called "Annotation"): Life is wonderful, and I have learned from it twice, my first 12 years in México, in Spanish, and the many others in California, in English. I know that every one has a unique life, but I could claim that mine has been a bit more unique. Why? I am a 6'4" café Mexican, that's why! In a land of chaparros, there I was in México. In a land of whites, here I was, and am. I was born in the high sierras, then was transplanted to urban Guadalajara. I survived. Then, I went back to the rural sierra, and this now city slicker couldn't rope a cow, especially in my black shoes. Heck, I tried playing soccer in México.too tall. I tried playing soccer in the USA, there was none in the 1960s. So, when I went into basquetball, my feet were faster than my hands on concrete. Shooting? A slingshot at a bird, ok, but a ball at a basquet? I went to the fields. Have you ever tried short hoeing lettuce or picking strawberries from my height? I had my grigo phase. Result? I couldn't even convince mother, who kept telling me, 'gringo culo prieto' - with Mexican motherly tender love, of course. I tried to fit in as a Freshman at UCSanta Bárbara. I was taking Bonehead English with Dr. Fernández. I couldn't. Heck, I've even made a run a city politics. Result? Missed it by 1,500 votes. The reason given me? Latinos don't vote. Yes, I wondered if the political machine is just not ready for a 6'4" Mexicaned café to join the elected elite. As a good Mexican, I have always adapted, fatallisticly, as is my, our, nature. Yes, I have always wondered if a caféless, tallless, USAless life would have been different. Yes. I think so. But this one's mine, and I'll keep it. So, what I have been doing is writing, and reading, kilos of words, from the outside looking in. It's been a two year plus weekly column, with what I've observed, with a café Latino consciousness. Some love it and learn from it. Others hate it and have told me to take my culo prieto back to México. Hey, is life wonderful or what? Hope you agree. Live on!

Cafe Chronicles
Café Chronicles
. Francisco J. Zermeno. ISBN: 978-0-915745-98-2 $17.95. Life is wonderful, and I have learned from it twice, my first 12 years in México, ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

Café Chronicles Release Party & Tequila Tasting at the Hayward Area Historical Society
Thursday, July 5, 2007 6:00 ­ 7:30 p.m.
Francisco Zermeño reads from his new book, which combines memoirs and politics to increase cultural understanding. Following the reading, tequilero (tequila expert) Zermeño, will share the history and making of tequila, a distilled alcohol made from the agave plant. The evening will end with a tequila brindis (toast) and tastings of three types of tequila. Free admission, must be 21+ years of age for tastings.

Columns may show up in book form
I WANT TO take this opportunity to humbly thank all those one-on- one chats, phone calls, e-mails, and letters that I received while the Zermeno column was being run in this newspaper every Wednesday. Man, almost three years, and, let me tell you, did I love it!
I really appreciated your thoughts, ideas and kudos. Heck, even the hate mail was a blast! One out of 10 comments received by me were on the negative side. I guess a nerve was hit here and there.
Unfortunately, I was told that the company was going in a new direction in regard to local columnists, and The Daily Review would no longer publish the Z Column.
Bummer, but that is life, and I adapt to what it gives me.
However, I also do want to thank The Daily Review for having allowed me the opportunity to share some thoughts with you.
I am still reading and writing as if there were no tomorrow -- aside from eating, Spiderman, teaching, and tequila, they are two of my favorite hobbies. And, let me tell you, there is still so much more to be said about Latinos, Latino culture and Latinism in the United States.
I encourage you to read and be informed about the USALatino, an important component of this country, and one that will help it be strong and vibrant in the global community.
While I did not receive the $10 million from a publishing company that Bill Clinton did for his upcoming memoirs, Floricanto Press did approach me about publishing my columns in book form, tentatively titled "Cafe Chronicles." Look for it soon.
JFrancisco ZermeñoC
Hayward - 1/30/2007

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