A Z Spanish Study Guide!


Grammar Usage and Examples

The AZ Study Guide contains easy to read (and find) reference information on the most common and most frequently used parts of speech.




 Green colored titles
highlight examples
of correct parts of
speech placement
along side
easy to follow examples
of Spanish usage with
English translation

Blue color parts of
speech help guide
the student to follow
and use the correct
placement in reading,
writing or speaking

Garamond style
size 10 font size
allows easy reading


  Red color borders and
titles help you to
locate the language
concepts and parts of
speech that you need to find quickly and easily

The 22 major concepts and parts of speech include:

Direct Object Pronouns

Indirect Object Pronouns

Using Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns together

Reflexive Pronouns

Additional Uses of "Se"

Adjective Agreement in
Gender and Number

Use of Definite Articles

Use of Indefinite Articles

5 Verbs of Description

   ser, estar, tener 
   hacer, haber

Interrogative Pronouns

¿Qué vs. Cuál?

Nouns and Gender


Personal "A"

Demonstrative Adjectives


Prepositional Pronouns

Por vs. Para



Affirmative and Negative Words

Possessive Adjectives Possessive Pronouns & Personal Pronouns

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